Saturday, November 24, 2007

End Of Exams!!


A very lovely Sunday....specially for me...tomorrow is the last day of my exams and on wednesday I am going home!! I don't know what I am more excited about---my exams are ending or about going home?? Anyway it doesnot matter; one is proportional to the other. I have already started making plans about what I am going to do once I reach Guwahati. Phew! I am so excited. But before that I have one more exam to clear. But thats computer practicals, so not miuch tension.

After I come back form home, I am again going to Gujarat for study tour. We are going to Gir National Park. This will be the first time I am going to some National Park. Its going to be fun. Our seniors have already given us feedback on how much we are going to enjoy this trip.

So for the next one month I will be doing a lot of travelling.
Ok will stop here today...will do some studying as well packing.

Hey! All of you wish me a Happy Journey!!


Monday, October 8, 2007

as usual i m back after a very long time. but during all this time i went visiting a lot of places. starting from mulshi to rehekuri wildlife sanctuary. it was a part of our msc syllabus but i had a lot of fun.

at mulshi we went to study species biodiversity. we didnt see many birds because it was raining the whole day. while crossing a rivulet i was nearly got swept away by the current. i was holding on to my friend for dear life!!! from there we went to college of millitary engineering we studied wetland ecosystem birds. we saw cormorants, kingfisher, purple morehen and ducks. if you want to know anything more about all this birds you can visit or also you can go through salim ali's book of indian birds.

also we visited the bombay natural history society in mumbai. it is the largest non-government organisation (NGO) in the Indian subcontinent engaged in nature conservation research. . Six Englishmen and two Indians met on the 15th of September 1883 in the Victoria and Albert Museum (presently named as Bhau Daji Museum situated in the Jijamata Udyan), Bombay and constituted themselves as the Bombay Natural History Society. we were shown stuffed birds and animals, many of them extinct and some on the verge of extinction. some of the birds that we were shown were truly exotic. its such a pity that we cant see them anymore in nature. its time that we sit up and take notice and observe around us what we really are doing with earth's greatest gift---nature.
if one really wants to know about birds then bnhs is the place to visit. you can also become a member and work indirectly or directly for the conservation of nature and its rich diversity. its just a click away at

the last trip that we had was to rehekuri wildlife sanctuary for black bucks, situated in Karjat. we stayed for two days and carried out studies on the plant species present and also on black bucks. the whole class was divided into groups and we were dropped at different places in the sanctuary to look out for black bucks. i was at a stationary position meaning that i didnt had to move around but just stand at one place and observe the movement of black bucks coming out and going inside the sanctuary. for the first 25 mins i didnt see a single animal and started counting the numbers of vehicles coming and going. in that 25 mins i counted atleast 20 vehicles of different types, blaring their horns and giving out black smoke!! no doubt the black bucks were scarce. but i was fortunate to see 17 black bucks. it nearly took my breath away when i first saw 3 male bucks running towards the sanctuary gates. it was a first time experience for me. then i saw a herd of females with their fawns.
i was so stranded that i nearly forgot to count them!!!
the next trip will be to gujarat in dec. its going to be a 7 day trip. i just cant wait for dec to come. but before that i cant wait for nov 27th because thats the time i m going home after 5 mnths. this is the longest i have been outside home. but its all worth it. before signing out , anyone reading my blog please visit the bnhs site. theres a lot we can do....for us and for others too.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

HI....its been a long time. Actually i was busy. Ok...not that busy but university...quite a hectic schedule. But i m enjoying it very much. The only "not so cool thing" about our university is that we can hardly bunk classes!!!! Other than that its a really good place to be studying. Then again i hate those statistics classes. Sometimes it feels as if we are studying to be statisticians. Everything is going over my head....flying away like a cuckoo!! Anyway enough of complaining. There are good things that erases away the pain of studying stats. I have made good of them is from my hometown. We are a group of 4 and the one thing that binds us is our ability to laugh at ANYTHING and i mean anything. We sit in the first row and believe it or not during classes, specially after lunch, the four of us takes turns to sleep....i think one of the teacher's has already found out about it. But she is really nice and didn't say anything.
The lunch hour is like a picnic...we have our lunch in the wide green lawns or sitting under a tree. Its really fun.

I miss home sometimes but then its ok. Oh! another drawback, we hardly have any holidays to go home. But still i m glad that i got admitted here. Along with studies we are involved in a lot of other works and the best thing are the trips into wilderness, national parks and places that i would really like to visit.

ok thats all i have time to write for today. classes got over today earlier so i was here.byeeeeeeeeeeby the way my university is BVIEER

Saturday, July 7, 2007